Nobel Peace Prize for Dr. Mukwege

WarTrauma congratulates our partner Dr. Denis Mukwege with the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Mukwege, a gynecologist from the Democratic Republic of Congo, received the Peace Prize together with Nadia Murad, a Yezidi woman, for their activism against sexual violence in armed conflicts. Dr. Mukwege works in Bukavu, East-Congo, where he has been helping victims of sexual violence with the physical damage as result of rape for over twenty years.

There has been civil unrest in East-Congo for several decades and the different armed groups use sexual violence as a weapon. Dr. Mukwege started the Panzi Hospital were women and children confronted by sexual violence do not only receive physical aid, but also social and psychological support. In addition, he founded the Dr. Mukwege and the Panzi Foundations to put sexual violence in conflict areas on the international – political – agenda. Dr. Mukwege earlier received the Sacharov Prize and was subject of the much-awarded documentary movie “L’Homme qui répare les femmes”.

WarTrauma supports Panzi Hospital by strengthening their psychological support, providing training to Panzi staff to improve their work with children and adolescents who have been confronted with sexual violence, as a victim, witness or, for example, because they were born out of rape. In addition, we are now developing a project to support the social workers themselves, so they can easier deal with the many horrible stories they hear every day. If you want to support this project, you can donate through this webpage mentioning “Dr. Mukwege”. We will earmark your gift for this project.

War Trauma Foundation does not only feel closely connected with the mission of Dr. Mukwege but also with the mission of Nadia Murad. In the Kurdish region we support the psychologists and psychosocial workers of the Emma Foundation which supports a large group of Yezidi women who have been sexually abused by Islamic State.