Promising results school programme DR Congo

The MHPSS School project in Eastern DR Congo of Salvation Army-Netherlands, WarTrauma and Armee du Salut DRC Bukavu (AdS) was successful. The number of schools and people reached (AdS-staff, teachers, students and parents) was noticeably higher than planned.

All teachers are trained and peer-to-peer support structures for students/children and parents in all schools are put in place. Various and noticeable changes in class, at school and within families were reported. AdS and WarTrauma witnessed an increase in general understanding and awareness of psychosocial support in school staff. Additionally, an increase in mutual understanding, collaboration, trust and dedication during all activities were witnessed. WarTrauma believes that a sustainable support system is put in place, through the involvement of all stakeholders, the allocation of two teachers as PsychoSocial Focal persons per school, the establishment of a well-functioning Children’s Club per school, the regular School Coordination Meetings, increased skills of the AdS Education staff and use of Child Protection policies within AdS Bukavu. Teachers and parents showed their dedication, involvement and efforts to positively change the way they support and communicate with their children. Constructive collaborations were established within the school communities and people remain eager to continue with the acquired skills and mind-set. All in all, WarTrauma, their local partner TPO and AdS are confident that the objectives of the project have been reached, as capacities of caregivers of children to provide psychosocial support have improved in AdS Schools in Eastern Congo. The school environment changed positively and the resilience of teachers, parents and children has increased in the schools. A thorough evaluation of the project will be executed later this year.