WarTrauma Foundation is continuously seeking to improve MHPSS interventions and to support other organisations in making informed decisions about their MHPSS projects.

Needs Assessment
One way of doing this is conducting Needs Assessments. A Needs Assessment is a crucial part of planning interventions or to refine or improve existing programming. Through a systematic process, WarTrauma Foundation assists aid organisations to make informed decisions about what to do next and how to improve humanitarian interventions. WarTrauma Foundation is an experienced assessor and uses a variety of different tools and techniques, from focus group discussions and interviews to mapping and drawings. WarTrauma Foundation most recent needs assessments were conducted in Armenia, and for UNICEF in Iraq.

Project learning, monitoring & evaluation
WarTrauma Foundation assists organisations with PLM&E programming. As well as involving external experts in the evaluation of our own programmes and products, WarTrauma Foundation offers its expertise to support other organisations in project development, advice, monitoring and evaluation in MHPSS in humanitarian settings. For example, WarTrauma Foundation recently evaluated the MHPSS programme of IOM in Libya and the Mitrovica Rockschool programme in Kosovo.

Staff support
Staff of humanitarian organisations and volunteers provide the bulk of psychosocial care for individuals and communities impacted by conflict, violence or other emergency situations. They work in challenging settings, often crossing cultural divides and facing the complex problems of people impacted by conflict. They, and their families, may also be impacted by violence while serving others.

Local staff and professionals bring not only their own personal journeys of resilience, but also creativity and essential cultural and contextual relevance. The growing number of people affected by humanitarian crises, in combination with the worsening threat to safety for humanitarian workers adds to the burdens of a wide variety of stressors.

That is why WarTrauma Foundation provides training that combines technical information (such as Psychological First Aid) with staff care. WTF, in partnership with Arq Psycho Trauma Expert Group, can call on a broad base of experienced trainers in both PFA and staff support.