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Advocacy for mental health

War Trauma Foundation is increasingly active in promoting the need to improve mental health care in humanitarian emergencies. The High Level Summit on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings – which the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is hosting in Amsterdam in October – is already generating extra attention for the topic.

Supporting Basic Mental Health Care in Burundi

WarTrauma trainers spend four weeks of training in Burundi this spring. Following a training of trainers in 2018, we had the opportunity to train 2 more trainers and support the trainers of last year with a refresher to become more independent. The 12 trainers of 2018 together trained 150 people in three regions in February and March.

Relief for humanitarian workers in Afghanistan

Humanitarian workers in Afghanistan suffer from extreme amounts of stress. They are responding to humanitarian emergency situations and working with people in distress. At the same time, working with western humanitarian organisations, they are a target of insurgents throughout the country and at risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks.

Wendy Ager, MSc, Resume

Experience Social Work Specialist and Technical Editor, August 2006- Teaching Fellow, Department of Social Work, University of Dundee, Sept 2005-July 2006 Researcher, Cancer Care Research Centre, University of Stirling, May 2005-June 2006 Consultant, firstHand, January-June 2004 Development Worker, Department of Social Work, University of Dundee, Dec 2003-Aug 05 Development Worker, NCH Scotland, 2001-2003 Assistant Project […]

Training medical staff in refugee camps

At the end of 2018, WarTrauma is training two groups of UNHCR staff supporting refugees from the South Sudan conflict. In Sudan’s capital Khartoum 23 health professionals from refugee camps in four states were trained in diagnosis and treatment of the main mental health disorders. This week people trained in Ethiopia near the South Sudanese border, are receiving a refresher course and supervision.