MHPSS for Young Entrepreneurs in Jordan

Since the start of the Syrian conflict, Jordan has allowed tens of thousands of refugees to stay in their country. Many of these refugees have been seeking employment or been setting up their own businesses. War Trauma supported SPARK to pilot a training for entrepreneurs to deal with their own stress and possible traumatic experiences of their employees.

SPARK is an international organization enabling access to higher education for the underprivileged and creating jobs through entrepreneurship support. With a focus on the Middle East and North Africa, SPARK realized the opportunities and challenges refugee streams in the region offer for businesses. Bringing new skills and capacity in the region offers an opportunity for local economies.

At the same time refugees fleeing war and conflict may suffer post traumatic stress symptoms which influence their functioning. Dealing with these challenges is important for Jordan employers as well as for the refugees themselves.

During the training in Jordan last February the focus was on the development of training material related to work ethics in general and with a psychological component. SPARK is preparing a 10 day business training course for about 400 participants and they want enter aspects of work ethics, staff care and psychosocial elements in their training.

In addition, Spark aims to support their own staff to provide trainings on work ethics, staff care and MHPSS.