Queen of the Netherlands visits ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands last may visited ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre, which War Trauma Foundation is a part of. During the work visit the work of ARQ Centrum ’45 around the treatment of psychotrauma had special focus as well as the work of ARQ IVP and ARQ Impact, but there also was some brief attention for our work in humanitarian emergencies.

Queen Maxima regularly talks to veterans and different emergency workers and is very interested in the treatment of psychotrauma and other psychosocial issues. One of the treatments demonstrated was the 3MDR method in which a client walks on a treadmill while looking at images that remind him or her of the traumatising event. At the same time the practitioner discusses the events with the client.

In this news item you can see a short report of the visit (in Dutch).