Training Maternal Mental Health

“Mental health often appears to be considered an unaffordable “luxury” for women in resource-poor settings”, stated the WHO in 2009. Even though significant improvements have been made regarding the physical well-being of mother and child, the care of the mental well-being of (future) mothers is largely absent. The consequences of perinatal mental illnesses are significant, for both mother and child. The term maternal mental health entails the emotional wellbeing of a woman during or after pregnancy.

WarTrauma’s new training aims to increase the knowledge and skills of maternal and child health workers on how to support and improve the mental and social well-being of women during pregnancy, delivery, and post partum. Hence the training addresses different mental health conditions that may occur during the pregnancy, delivery and post partum periods. The trainees will have learnt theoretical knowledge and background as well as practical tools on how to provide basic psychosocial support for mothers and their peers. The content of the training programme is developed based on psychosocial support assessments and is enriched with cases appropriate for the context.

An all encompassing evidence-based training manual has been developed guiding the trainer through the material, while the contents of the training will be adapted to the context-specific cases and special focus points. WarTrauma can (help) set up the logistics of a training and is able to provide skilled and experienced trainers.

For more information consult our factsheet.