Elrha R2HC: Strengthening Evidence for the Scaling of Psychological First Aid in Humanitarian Settings

Project meeting

On the 17th and 18th of January 2017 members of the ELHRA project team met in Amsterdam to present the findings of phase 1 of our research, and to discuss the design of Phase 2.

The first phase of our research for the ELHRA project has now been successfully completed, with qualitative data about the roll out of PFA gathered from Sierra Leone and Liberia. Researchers from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, supported by the War Trauma Foundation, gathered and analysed this data, providing crucial input for the design of the next phase of our research. The findings from this first phase will be published in two peer reviewed articles during the course of 2017.

Phase 2 will take a quantitative approach, designing and administering a questionnaire to employees from health care providers to measure whether and how the PFA which they have been trained upon impacts their work. A control group who have not yet received training will also receive the questionnaire. The questionnaire is currently in its design phase and the trainings and interviews are set to begin in March.

Photo caption:

The project team, from left to right, Rebecca Horn, Queen Margaret University, Alistair Ager, Queen Margaret Univeristy, Holly Young, War Trauma Foundation, Rebecca Esliker, University of Makeni, Fiona O’May, Queen Margaret University, Lise Woensdregt, War Trauma Foundation, Janice Cooper, Carter Institute, Leontien Ruttenberg, War Trauma Foundation, Kimberly Stam, the Free University, Marit Sijbrandij, the Free University.