Wendy Ager, MSc, Resume


  • Social Work Specialist and Technical Editor, August 2006-
  • Teaching Fellow, Department of Social Work, University of Dundee, Sept 2005-July 2006
  • Researcher, Cancer Care Research Centre, University of Stirling, May 2005-June 2006
  • Consultant, firstHand, January-June 2004
  • Development Worker, Department of Social Work, University of Dundee, Dec 2003-Aug 05
  • Development Worker, NCH Scotland, 2001-2003
  • Assistant Project Leader, Edinburgh Sitters, 1994-2001


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Education and Professional Qualifications

  • University of Edinburgh, 1997-2002, M.Sc. Advanced Professional Studies: Thesis – ‘The Impact of Resettlement on Refugee Families in Scotland: A Case Study’
  • UK Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW), 1997-1998, Social Work Practice Teaching Award
  • University College, Cardiff, 1981-1983, Diploma in Social Work/Certificate of Qualification in Social Work
  • University of Salford, 1974-1978, B.Sc. (Joint Honours) Upper 2nd, Modern Languages (German and Russian)