War Trauma Foundation and Salvation Army DR Congo have joined their local experience and expertise to promote the psychosocial recovery and well-being of children as well as their caregivers (parents and teachers) in Kivu, and to restore the economic resilience of youth. We have developed a training programme to increase the resilience of teachers and childeren. 

Hope for a better and safer society

“Long after our meeting had ended we still heard the participants sing next door, revived by the training and reluctant to bring an end to the process”, recounts Yvonne Sliep. In Omdurman, the largest city of Sudan, she trained during eight days twenty women and five men in a programme of War Trauma Foundation.

Omdurman is located on

27th of November, the directors of Antares Foundation, HealthNet TPO, War Child, War Trauma Foundation and members of the UN-department Inter Agency Standing Committee on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support met with Dutch policymakers, politicians and health experts to discuss the

Sit on your hands. Facilitate, but let the group take responsibility. Important lessons in the training of field workers in the West Bank, Palestine. War Trauma Foundation (WTF) supports families that face complex psychosocial problems. WTF trainer Trudy Mooren introduced the Multi Family Approach.

War Trauma Foundation helps local aid workers to improve the life of school children and their families. In the Caucasian republics Chechnya, Ingushetia and North Ossetia we train psychologists and counsellors. In turn they train teachers, school directors and counsellors in thirty schools to recognize psychological problems and to create an atmosphere where children feel safe. In order to

War Trauma Foundation wants to support local war journalists together with Free Press Unlimited (www.freepressunlimited.org). Together with local journalists we want to work on improving their resilience, to enable them to catch up with their difficult and important missions. We also train local people who can



War Trauma Foundation (WTF) supports people and communities to cope with the psychosocial consequences of war and organised violence. Towards Peace of Mind.